Stitches (sutures) And Their Removal After Wisdom Tooth Removal

after wisdom tooth removal stitchesAfter the removal of wisdom tooth, the dentist may apply stitches to the tooth extraction site. Though it is not mandatory to put stitches and its necessity depends upon the wound at gums and complexity with which it is extracted. In normal tooth extraction procedure suture is generally not applied but in surgical removal of tooth it may be essential. Stitching or suture refers to manual sewing the wound formed on the gums after tooth extraction procedure to put the tissues back together. They aide in relieving pain and helps in faster formation of blood clot at the wound by confining the jaw bone and underlying tissues from air or food particles. Its purpose is to reduce bleeding caused by post operative factors.

If the tooth comes out in one piece, which happens in maximum cases, sutures are not applied. Suture is of two types namely absorbable sutures and non-absorbable suture. Absorbable sutures are also known as dissolvable suture as they breakdown harmlessly in the body over time. Sutures are made of materials which are broken down on tissues depending on it over couple of days to couple of weeks. It disappears in the body and there is no need to go to surgeon and manually remove it. They are gut sutures, made from the intestine of sheep treated or untreated with chemicals or heat. However the majority are now made of synthetic polymer fibers, which offers numerous advantages over gut sutures, notably ease of handling, low cost, low tissue reaction, consistent performance and guaranteed non-toxicity.

Non-absorbable sutures, also known as non-dissolvable sutures, are made of materials which are not metabolized by our body. So you need to check with your dentist regularly for its timely removal. You have to bear with the suture for around two weeks or more till tissue starts developing and healing the wound. The most common suture materials are manufactured of natural fibre, silk, which undergoes a special process to make it adequate for its use in surgery. Artificial fibers are also employed. There is no use of needles or anesthesia for removing these sutures and are removed in two minutes.
after wisdom tooth removal stitches after wisdom tooth removal stitches after wisdom tooth removal stitches
The wisdom teeth sutures should have property like good tensile strength, knot strength, its configuration and elasticity. The sutures are chosen in accordance to the patient’s skin reactivity and it is precisely due to this that it is recommended to have wisdom tooth removal carried out by a professional.

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