Healing Time for Socket After Wisdom Tooth Removal

wisdom tooth socketGenerally it takes three to four weeks to heal the site of tooth extraction. Just after an hour of tooth extraction, a blood clot is visible at the site. The blood clot formed aide to the healing process of the gum. It normally takes three to four weeks to completely heal the extraction site. The formation of dry sockets is disappointing as it further lengthens the healing time. It may take one or two weeks further to heal completely depending on dry socket. Dry socket refers to absence of blood clot at the tooth extraction site and jaw bone and nerve endings are exposed. This exposes the hole or socket to food particles, air and water.

It gives severe pain at the site. This happens when the clot formed is dislodged by physical actions like spitting and sucking forcibly, poking the spot with finger or tongue or in food consuming process or excessive rinsing mouth. Other actions like smoking and drinking, taking hot or cold food stuffs etc after tooth removal within few days.

One after the formation of dry sockets, the patient should consult the dentist as soon as possible for enhancing healing process. Symptoms of dry sockets include severe pain at the site after like three to four days, foul breathing, unpleasant taste at mouth and swollen lymph nodes around the neck and the jaw. The patient should follow all the instructions that is given by dentist after tooth extraction. That includes protection from any kind of high pressure by mouth such as spiting, sucking, and rinsing etc.

The doctor may prescribe painkillers as dry socket gives severe pain. The dentist first removes any debris at present at the socket or hole and makes it clean. It is then covered by and medicated dressing or special paste applying gauge or using clove oil technique. It enhances the healing of dry sockets and within next three weeks you will find it fully healed. During that time the instructions should not be neglected.
wisdom tooth socket wisdom tooth socket wisdom tooth socket
Dressing applied to the affected region should be regularly changed, so patient has to go to the dentist daily till his symptoms subside. It takes about a week for new granulation tissue to form and cover over the socket’s exposed bone. The dentist may advise to gently rinse mouth three to four times daily with saline water or some special mouthwash. It keeps the mouth clean and hygienic.

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